Turn Any You Tube  Video into a Full Screen Custom Video Lead Capture or Splash Page

Supply your video ID, your affiliate/referral URL, your ad copy or headline, call to action and any HTML form code (including campaign IDs, if necessary), and I'll create a unique, custom built full-screen video web page to support your marketing efforts. The headline, form, ad copy or buttons will hover over the video but retain a degree of transparency so the video can still be seen.

There are 4 options to choose from as shown in the table to the right, which enable you to either go it alone or share a capture or splash page with your referrals to assist them with their marketing efforts and could even be used as an incentive for them to join your business or team.

Capture pages are best as they enable you to build that all important list. And these can also help build you an additional residual income with a shared email campaign, as your downline or team members subscribe to your autoresponder service as your referral to get a copy of that campaign.

It's entirely your call, but it's worth considering that a shared capture page in conjunction with a shared email campaign could pay for itself and even become a profitable resource over time.


Solo Splash

Shared Splash

Solo Capture

Shared Capture

Single Use

Share With Team

Single Email Campaign

Shared Email Campaign





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Accepted Payment Methods: STP, Payza, VISA cards (via Payza), Bitcoin (via Payza) and Payoneer (sorry, I am unable to accept PayPal).  

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