Intelligent Traffic Rotator (Guaranteed Sales System)

PaySpree Sniper introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) to affiliate marketing.  None of it’s affiliates who have the ambition to succeed online is left behind.

The entire PaySpree Sniper system has been developed to assist it’s affiliates in the generation of sales from multiple income streams. However it’s the logic contained in it’s custom scripts which power it’s rotator, that distributes sales to each qualifying member in turn.. not just traffic, but sales.

All rotator members’ affiliate links are sequentially rotated, but the next affiliate’s website is not served until the current affiliate makes a sale.  In short, the rotator knows who makes a sale and who is next to benefit and will serve the affiliate links accordingly.  This way, rotator members are guaranteed to make sales, either by their own efforts or from the company advertising.

And.. unlike many other online programs, new PaySpree Sniper prospects can only join it’s affiliates as ALL traffic generated by company advertising is driven through the rotator.  

PaySpree Sniper automatically builds dowlines in 2 integrated systems, such that each affiliate has the option to “switch on” at least 2 additional income streams.  And, it also offers rotator members the opportunity to have not just 1 but 10 links in rotation.  Below is an example of the potential income a PaySpree Sniper affiliate with 10 positions in the rotator could generate (see FAQ [10]).

Example Income Potential (1 full rotator cycle):

The following example assumes that newly referred affiliate members will upgrade in the 2 additional systems under their referring PaySpree Sniper sponsor.

[1] 10 sales of the PaySpree Sniper affiliate system = $35 (7 x 100% sales to the affiliate at $5 each - 75% commissions, see FAQ [3])

[2] 10 upgrades in integrated system 1 = $145 (5 x 100% sales to the affiliate at $29 each - 50% commissions)

[3] 10 upgrades in integrated system  2 = $250 (10 x 50% sales to the affiliate at $25 each - 50% commissions)

In one full cycle of the rotator, a PaySpree Sniper affiliate who has upgraded in the 2 additional systems and has 10 links in the rotator could earn a total of $430.  This could potentially be repeated unlimited times as traffic is driven through the rotator and does not take into consideration the additional residual income that an affiliate could accumulate from their rotator qualification (explained in the members area).

Every affiliate who has the ambition to generate as many sales as possible from multiple income streams, should consider qualifying to be in the traffic rotator!

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