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PaySpree Sniper is a GAME CHANGER!!  

No other entry-level “instant pay” marketing system delivers this amount of value in terms of automation, features and functionality!

As a PaySpree Sniper affiliate you have the option to join the “Traffic Rotator” which sends REAL visitors to your affiliate website and a further option to have your personal referrals promote digital products that are tracked back to you. When any of those products sell, YOU earn the commission!

The system also automatically builds you several downlines and follows up with your leads to generate more commissions for you, and if you select the autoresponder option, the system will even build you a list on complete autopilot.

Purchase your automated marketing system today and by tonight, you could literally be “making money while you sleep”..

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This is your Internet shop window.  It’s where you showcase your products. Without this, no-one will know where to go or how to buy what you have to offer. But don’t worry, we’ll build one for you!


People who are interested in what you have to offer are the most likely to make a purchase when you send them to your website.  We’ll help you find them and even send them your way if you join the rotator.


Not everyone “buys” the first time they visit a website, but they may return later. So we track your website visitors.  If they later revisit any website on our network, we make sure you still make the sales.


Following up with your customers and referrals increases the likelihood of you making further sales.  We do this for you, but if you take the autoresponder option we’ll also build your list on autopilot.


What could be better online than having a network of referrals making sales for you? Our system will reward you when your referrals promote their websites, depending on the options they choose.


This is the DADDY!  Perhaps the perfect complement to “Network Sales”.  This happens when individual customers continue paying to you every month for the product or service they purchased.


PaySpree Sniper is a customizable affiliate marketing system.  You can choose the parts you want to earn from, include any existing offers or plug in extra products or services to generate more income streams.


Utilize your laptop, tablet or smartphone to operate your PaySpree Sniper business from home, the beach, or anywhere you want to rake in multiple instant daily sales and increasing residual commissions.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting!

All you have to do is purchase your fully automated marketing system, plug in the products or services you want, and start filling up your accounts from multiple income generating sources on complete autopilot.  

It’s as simple as Copy, Paste, Post

and..  You Get Paid!

When we say 100%... WE MEAN IT!  

Imagine - Purchasing your $5 automated marketing system today, then getting plugged into our intelligent website traffic rotator for free targeted visitors. 

Imagine - Receiving passed-up digital product sales or ‘irresistible’ upgrade commissions from referrals that the rotator delivered to your affiliate website and even delivered to your referrals’ affiliate websites (extremely powerful)!

Imagine - Making sales of digital products to customers you never met, never spoke to and never even knew had visited your website (or your referrals’ websites) as your and your referrals’ affiliate links start to proliferate the Internet. 

That's the kind of "fully automated", "autopilot", "your links everywhere" type of income that PaySpree Sniper can help generate for you. 

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