Frequently Asked Questions..

[1] What is PaySpree Sniper?

PaySpree Sniper (“PSS”, “The Business”) is a fully automated affiliate marketing system that enables affiliates to generate commissions ranging from 40% - 100% from several integrated products/services and also to plug in additional income streams.

[2] Is PaySpree Sniper legal?

PaySpree Sniper is 100% legal. It is an affiliate product in itself, but also a system that integrates other solid and proven income generating affiliate opportunities to create multiple commission streams from within one place. A system such as PaySniper offers great value, not least in development, promotional and maintenance effort, and as such the The Business (and it’s affiliates) execute their right to be remunerated.    

[3] How do I earn money with PaySpree Sniper?

Affiliates have the right to resell the system itself (see [8]) and earn 75% of total sales volume generated, paid instantly to the affiliate’s payment processor account.  Commissions are calculated as a percentage of the total sales (example: 3 out of every 4 sales equates to 75% commissions) - you earn 100% commissions on 75% of your sales.

There are also two additional income streams integrated into the PaySpree Sniper system which generate commissions via ClickBank (paid as per ClickBank’s terms) and 50% instant commissions to your payment processor account.

[4] Which payment processors does PaySpree Sniper use?

Payment processing is administrated via the PaySpree interface.  The most popular payment processors integrated with PaySpree are PayPal and Payza (Bitcoin is also available via Payza).  For a complete list of payment processors which are integrated with PaySpree, please visit

[5] Can I pay with a credit card?

Credit or debit card payments are accepted and welcomed via any of the available payment processing options detailed above (see [4]) and on the PaySpree website.

[6] Is Payza available in the U.S.A?

Payza is fully operational in more than 190 countries, including the USA.  U.S. Citizens are welcomed to make new member registrations either HERE or during the PaySpree Sniper payment process (if the affiliate is using Payza). Existing U.S. Payza account holders (pre 2013), can create a new account with a new email address.   

[7] Is PaySpree Sniper affiliated with PaySpree?


While PaySpree Sniper is integrated in the PaySpree marketplace, it has been developed independently of PaySpree and only uses PaySpree services for the administration of secure payments to it’s affiliates.

[8] Do I have to refer people?


Referring others is not required to generate commissions with PaySpree Sniper. We have integrated an a niche-based product suite (affiliate marketing niche) that can be directly advertised in order to earn affiliate commissions without the sale of the PaySpree Sniper system itself.

However, there is a greater likelihood of much faster commissions by marketing PaySpree Sniper as a complete package.

[9] Are marketing materials provided?


After purchase of the PaySpree Sniper system, each affiliate will be taken through a brief setup process and after submission of their relevant affiliate information, access will be given to both the system (affiliate links) and marketing resources (pre-written ads, email swipes, banners, ad sites, optional autoresponder campaign, etc).

[10] What is the Intelligent Traffic Rotator?

To assist our affiliates achieve sales, we send targeted visitors to our sequential traffic rotator.  This essentially rotates all qualifying (autoresponder upgraded) PaySpree Sniper members’ affiliate links in turn, giving them an equal share of the sales.  However, upgraded members (those who upgrade their account in one of the integrated systems and have taken the autoresponder option) can have 10 links in the rotator, thus generating more sales each cycle than those who choose not to upgrade.

[11] Is there a Refund Policy?

The PaySpree Sniper automated marketing system is a non-tangible digital product which is delivered automatically and instantly after successful payment.  After delivery, it is impossible to to tell what use a buyer has (or hasn’t) made of the system and as such, in the interest of fairness to the referring affiliate, we would advise that a refund is not possible.

As affiliates are paid directly for their sales, we do allow each affiliate to decide for themselves whether or not to offer refunds to their buyers.  However, a refund request should not be necessary as we are committed to delivering our low-cost marketing system to every buyer.  A buyer can contact with their proof of payment if they have not immediately received access to their system after purchase and submission of their affiliate information.

Make Money with Clickbank

Make Money with Clickbank

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