Falling Asleep in Front of the TV

By in Quotes on March 18, 2016


“The most annoying thing about falling asleep in front of the TV, is lying awake after you eventually decide to go to bed.”

(Kevin Waldron, 2016)


Yes Kevin, many a many times happen to me! I just get up again and try to meditate for 5 minutes! Don't think of anything! No ticking clocks or a time clock with lights at your bed side! Feel the difference! Even when you wake up in the morning, you already have the strength to start the day with energy and positivity! Try it for a week it is free! Let me know if it made a difference! If not, do it again until you get use to the idea until it became one of your routine's at night after switching of  all the lights , TV's and everything that is desorbing!

Happy Meditating!


kevinwaldron moderator

Ha ha.. I do this all too often!  Must be working my little brain too hard :-)