“Never become so blinded by the promise of financial success that you become oblivious to the small print!”

(Kevin Waldron, 2016)


“Education which leads to achievement, is less about academics than practicality. For it is not strictly necessary for a man to read, nor write in order to feed his family.”

(Kevin Waldron, 2016)


“There’s nothing wrong with using others’ alleged lack of ability to acquire significant benefit. Nevertheless, it should not be so blatant as to cause distress!”

(Kevin Waldron, 2016)


Making money is for government mints, earning money is for the rest of us.  How often people seemingly confuse the two!”

(Kevin Waldron, 2016)


“To make is to fabricate from the combination of one’s creativity and skill.”

(Kevin Waldron, 2016)


“To earn is to receive reward for effort.”

(Kevin Waldron, 2016)


How To Make Money Online

If you’ve spent some time doing any research, you’ll no doubt have come across more than one such article addressing the possibility of making money from the comfort of your own home, with your computer and in your spare time.  While making money online is one of the easiest ways to free yourself from the chains of society and the displeasing monotony of your “day job”, it is in actually fact not so easy to execute if not approached with the correct mindset.

Now you could be forgiven for thinking this might once again be one of those passages that ultimately winds up funneling you into some sort of marketing system, training course or affiliate program.  If that’s the case, you’ll perhaps find it somewhat refreshing to learn that’s not the way this is headed.. no referral links included here.

Marketing techniques, or perhaps they should be called tactics, are designed to highlight the benefits of an offer and the ease of which achievements can be made, but without deterring you with the “nitty gritty” of the true effort required to attain projected results.  Such tactics prey on the needs and desires of the reader, often identifying with their financial misery and offering a seemingly effortless resolution.

And many would suggest that there is nothing wrong with this approach as the reader always retains the opportunity to do some due diligence investigation and ultimately makes his or her own decision whether or not to proceed to the point of sale and commit to the purchase.

How You Make Money Online

Assuming the offer, product or service is a genuine one, this peace of mind (that you haven’t been defrauded) will only maintain your new-found enthusiasm for a short period of time.  Now, you have the task of attempting to emulate the success of your sponsor, or perhaps their sponsor or even someone many times removed from you and who’s success involved much more effort than that fancy sales/capture page you initially saw was letting on.

So.. what’s the real story here?

In business, whether it be offline or online, revenue and profits are dependent on sales.  Whether it be a product or service, your success depends on the number of customers or partners you can encourage to spend money on your offer.

Therefore it stands to reason that the very first thing you need to consider is what exactly you want to sell.  Returning to making money online; There are numerous ways to generate an income using a computer or even a smartphone including but not limited to..

Affiliate Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing

Direct Sales

Revenue Sharing

Cost-Per-Action Marketing (CPA)

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

Whichever you choose, there are some common elements that are required to properly monetize your venture..

A website is more than likely the first thing you will need to reach people in the online marketplace.  You don’t necessarily have to own it, but you will need one to act a s shop window for your offer.  And as websites come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, you will need to determine what will work best for your offer, including the devices that allow your potential buyers to easily interact with your site.

Website traffic (human visitors to your website) is perhaps the most important factor, but happens to be one of the most difficult elements for people to successfully generate.  Attaining traffic is an entire topic in itself and you will find a multitude of articles, guides and systems with a quick Google search.

The key thing to be aware of here is that you don’t just want any website traffic.  You want to narrow your website’s visitors down to people who are already likely to be interested in your product or service – this is called targeted traffic and is more likely to result in a greater volume of sales.

Contact management systems also play an important role in converting a potential buyer into a sale.  Not everyone is immediately ready to whip out their credit card and put money in your pocket.  And unless you have a method of maintaining contact and building trust with your prospective buyer, it’s conceivable that her or she may never see your website again, but may potentially end up purchasing a similar product or service form one of your competitors.

An autoresponder is a contact management system that interfaces with your website via a form that captures your prospective buyers personal information (such as name and or email address) and sends a pre-written series of emails over a period of time with a view to building a relationship with your prospective buyer and encouraging the sale.  The frees you from the time consuming act of personally and physically contacting each prospective buyer.

Depending on the type of marketing you are doing, there are other elements for you to consider, but the 3 listed above tend to be the most commonly used and form basis of most make money online businesses.

So to recap, you need to..

[1] Choose a product or service

[2] Obtain or utilize a website

[3] Acquire targeted website traffic

[4] Follow up with your prospective buyers

So.. is that all?

Making money online involves numerous steps.  Having the product and the tools to display it, plus the ability to build a relationship with prospects is only part of the story.

Coming back to website traffic generation;  This typically involves the writing of attractive headlines and appealing ad copy, which is a challenge for most people seeking to make money online for the first time.  This step often takes lots of practice and testing (known as split testing) until just the right combination of headline and ad copy is identified and yields the best conversion rates.

Conversion rates could be considered as the number of people who “opt-in” to your list (complete the form on your website) or end up making a purchase.  So you need to be clear in you own mind how you measure the success of your ads.  And once you have your “prefect” ad, you need to choose a medium of sending traffic to it.

Again, this is an entire topic in itself, but there exists a multitude of traffic generating methods not limited to..

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Solo Ad Vendors

Safelist Marketing

Traffic Exchanges

Social Networking

These again are all topics you can learn more about with a simple Google search, but represent no-cost to very high cost traffic generation methods – so you’ll need to give some thought to your advertising budget.

And.. should you successfully encourage someone to part with their hard earned cash, they may well require your support regarding use of the product or service or how to benefit from any financial opportunity it presents.  No rest for the wicked!

Still think making money online is easy?

The objective here is not to dissuade you from following your dream or pursuing a direction that could produce life-altering changes for you and your family.  However, you should now be aware when reviewing your next (or first) potential home business opportunity, that there is more to it than meets the eye and you should be prepared to acquire knowledge of and utilize the elements listed above to improve your chances of success.

You first online sale will consist of..

– Your choice of product or service to offer

– A website on which to display it

– An effective ad to deliver visitors to your website

– A method of capturing your visitors details

– A series of pre-written emails to be automatically sent to your prospects

– Your willingness to offer post-sales support to your buyer

Are you ready for this?

It might seem a little daunting, especially considering not every aspect of making money online is covered here.  But the rewards can be so financially fulfilling, that the effort required to acquire the knowledge and piece together the jigsaw is absolutely worth it.

But wouldn’t it be great if there existed a system that presented you with your own personal website, pre-written ad copy, a list of advertising resources, a consistent stream of targeted website visitors, an integrated autoresponder system with pre-written follow-up emails and a community of like-minded affiliates who were prepared to give their support for free?

Wouldn’t that make life much easier for you?

About the author: Kevin Waldron is an affiliate marketer who enjoys writing quotes and sharing his perspective with a view to inspiring others. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook.


“Newbies are born everyday, it’s just a question of whether you can get to them before your competitors do.”

(Kevin Waldron, 2016)


“If you genuinely don’t care what people think, you should never feel obliged to tell them so.”

(Kevin Waldron, 2016)


“Perfection is a myth, because opinion is subjective.”

(Kevin Waldron, 2016)