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Before getting into this somewhat unorthodox review, let’s just paint a brief picture of the state of Internet marketing today. Some might argue it’s been this way for years – you know, the whole 98% failure rate.. is that even a correct percentage? Who actually knows the correct figure, but to a greater or lesser extent it’s true. More people fail online than succeed!

Some might say the issue is the underlying consideration by the vast majority of people that Internet marketing is easy, a quick way to make a lot of money. And it actually is, once you’re established. Typically it’s those established folk who paint a beautiful picture that typically tells only half the story. That’s marketing for you.

And there are those who would have you believe that it takes years of hard work, failures and determination to become established. However, and particularly with the advent of social media, this couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s their journey, but it doesn’t have to be yours.

So why are so many people still struggling?

There’s plenty of valid information at everyone’s disposal. You could even say, there is too much information and perhaps not knowing what or who to follow creates confusion, reduces focus and leaves people misguided and desperate.

There are some key components anyone looking to make money online should have. The problem is, with all the information overload, identifying the necessary from the surplus can be confusing. And learning how to make effective use of these components can seem daunting, thus discouraging the majority of people, leaving them open and easy to further “easy money” or “get rich quick” distractions.

Ultimately, individuals are responsible for and need to take charge of their own destiny. Discovering and making effective use of the necessary tools, building a network of like-minded contacts and supporting the lesser informed are steps every would-be Internet marketer needs to partake in on their road to success.

Now… the big WHAT IF?

PaySpree Sniper is a low-cost, some might even call it “entry-level” affiliate marketing system that was developed to bridge the gap between those who demonstrate success and those who seek it. It embodies the necessary elements of every successful Internet marketer’s arsenal and guides it’s affiliates towards making good use of them.

One of the key decision making factors in Internet marketing is cost. The first consideration most people have when evaluating a product or service is whether or not they can afford it. Many overlook it’s value if the cost is beyond what they consider they can afford or are prepared to pay. PaySpree Sniper appeals to the masses because of it’s low $5 starting point.

Similarly, making the recuperation of that low $5 outlay a simple and rapid affair further adds to it’s mass appeal. Providing a multitude of resources that enable affiliates to generate instant sales, directly to their payment processor accounts and quickly move them into a profitable position, was the highest priority of the system. Today’s breed of Internet marketer wants fast results and to be out of pocket for the least amount of time.

The fact that one could simply market the PaySpree Sniper system in it’s own right and make fast consistent profits is encouraging, but.. it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Beneath what appears to be a simple low-cost exterior is a ton of valuable marketing logic and resources that make this a little program with massive potential.

Once inside PaySpree Sniper, the learning begins.. or perhaps it’s better to say it’s “encouraged”. Certain automated benefits are made available to affiliates who opt to utilise certain extra-cost but inexpensive services. Now, these are not simply “pay this and we’ll offer you that” options with no value. All services present their own benefits and are key to affiliate marketing success, only.. PaySpree Sniper offers additional bonuses to encourage it’s affiliates (your future referrals) to use them.

Managing your contacts – an email autoresponder service is a key tool for every Internet marketer. Use one of the integrated contact management services and PaySpree Sniper will send additional traffic to your affiliate website. Thus, instead of you building PaySpree Sniper’s list (as is common with most other online programs), it will be building yours… automatically!

Beyond the list building capabilities (and benefits) of these contact management services is the residual income potential. The selected services offer such lucrative compensation plans that many people see them not as a service but an income opportunity (wrong). PaySpree Sniper promotes the benefits of making correct use of these services to build a targeted list of buyers and rewards affiliates who do this with more visitors to their websites.

Affiliate marketing typically involves promoting other people’s products in order to earn a percentage of each sale. And PaySpree Sniper enables it’s affiliates to promote niche-based products in two ways, one quite unique to this program. Aside from offering affiliate products via onsite contextual ads and a specific products page on the affiliate’s site, in a unique twist, this system also rotates it’s affiliates’ IDs behind products it advertises such that they potentially make profitable sales from company advertising.

And then there’s the intelligent website traffic rotator that promotes a qualifying affiliate’s replicated website URL until it makes a sale before moving to the next qualifying affiliate’s URL. It’s clever stuff!

Does any other Internet opportunity offer this?

Instant commissions, automated downline builder, residual income, done-for-you affiliate product sales, done-for-you website traffic/sales and automated email follow-up make PaySpree Sniper perhaps the most valuable marketing system one can start with for just $5. It’s conceivable that affiliates can benefit from all the aforementioned features for significantly less than $20, which makes it an absolute steal.

Add into the bargain, pre-written follow-up emails, pre-written email swipes and text ads, not to mention banners and a directory of advertising resources, and PaySpree Sniper makes delivering traffic to an affiliate’s website a simply copy & paste affair. Internet marketing success takes consistent effort, but PaySpree Sniper’s “done-for-you” approach means it’s affiliates can succeed with less.

Affiliates can receive commissions instantly via credit/debit card, PayPal, Payza and other commissions 2-weekly via ClickBank (assuming thresholds are surpassed) and via the aforementioned processors at 24-hour, weekly and monthly schedules depending on the chosen contact management system.

The bottom line..

Regardless of your experience, background or status, PaySpree Sniper presents the potential to develop your Internet marketing skills set on the fly and get paid while doing it. Furthermore, taking the encouraged (and very reasonably priced) options offers the potential to make sales purely from the companies marketing efforts.

In recognition that the vast majority of today’s new breed of marketer not only demands or expects fast results with minimal effort, but is actually in need of basic affiliate marketing education, PaySpree Sniper fills a void that perhaps you may well be able to exploit to your significant financial satisfaction.

Click HERE to see it in action!

About the author: Kevin Waldron is an affiliate marketer who enjoys writing quotes and sharing his perspective with a view to inspiring others. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook.


I join you in Mar 13 2016, and didn't go back to the merchant acct after I paid my $ 5.00 to join...Here its Aug of 2016 and I can't get in to your system yet ?????? Do you have a members area ???? I can't find it ==== I also up grade TOO, For $29.00...   winal2    @

kevinwaldron moderator

I've joined opportunities costing 10 or 20 times more than this that offered way less value!