Perhaps in your minds eye, the title does conjure images of fluffy white thought bubbles with dollars bills (or whatever currency you prefer) floating around inside them.

But, what does thought monetization really mean to you?  Have you even given it any real consideration up until now?  Can thought’s.. actually be turned into cold hard cash – you know the kind money that little piece of rectangular plastic you own causes ATM machines to spit at you when you punch in your secret pin?

You could be forgiven for thinking this is going down that familiar Think And Grow Rich path, and while there are no doubt elements which will cross over, you can rest assured it’s not the way this passage is headed.

This is less about becoming one with the universe and more about the practical translation of your thoughts into a flow of real money.

That’s not to say that Napoleon Hill’s writings have little significance, far from it.  But for anyone who has neither the inclination nor the capacity to absorb and put into practice the methods he exposes, the following verbiage should prove not only useful, but it’s enlightenment should be easily employable to those who correctly apply themselves.

Paint yourself a mental picture of the world as you know it.  Consider that there are billions of people of different races, nationalities, backgrounds and all whom have differing circumstances.  Many will be of what is considered a “legal” age, many will have growing families, may have lost their jobs, become retired, are low wage earners, have increasing debts or have meager pensions.  For a large percentage, there exists a strong desire to become less financially stressed or even to become financially free.

If you happen to be an entrepreneur, a business owner or affiliate, not attempting to bring prosperity into the lives of these people is tantamount to leaving an affiliate, partnership or sale for someone else’s benefit.

Now, the realist in you will negate the possibility of connecting with people who are from a different culture, speak a different language, hold different beliefs and are in a distant physical locations.  And while your logic does hold value, do consider that English remains the dominant language of international business and global communication, thus reducing one of the major barriers you may have initially considered.

While the advent of technology introduces the possibility that the entire world could be considered your marketplace, being able to reach someone across the globe is only half the story.  That individual or group individuals has to be of like mind, have a degree of trust and an affinity with you before you can fashion a financially and mutually beneficial deal.

So.. how do you identify a like-minded person or group – one with which you can share mutual benefit?

Perhaps the simplest way to look at this is by considering that opinion divides people.  Taking a group of say 100 people and posing a thought provoking or controversial question; The natural order of things will likely divide these 100 people into two or more groups who share different opinions.

Already, an affinity is struck between members of a group who share the same opinion and are alike in mind.  Any one member of that group would more likely be able influence his fellow group members than those from another group who do not share the same opinion.  With this barrier removed, a group member is in a position to connect at a deeper level in order to gain trust and form stronger alliances.

Think of it like this; Would you take advice about a personal issue from a stranger or from a close friend?  A close friendship often entails a degree of sharing.. knowledge of one another at a more personal level.  Sharing a part of yourself is a powerful factor when attempting to build trust.  The strength of any relationship is for the most part determined by the volume of information you know to be reliable about the person in question.  The more you know and believe to be true, the more comfortable you are in trusting your instincts and making positive decisions regarding information they share with you.

Six Degrees of Separation

This is the theory that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people within a maximum of six steps.

It should now be clear in your mind that the world is in fact a very small place.  You could pass a message to your favorite rock or sports star and it would only have to pass through a maximum of 6 people before it was read.  Imagine if, for your business, you could send out a message with your offer to someone on the other side of the globe who is looking for a way to improve their finances and know that it would pass through no more than 6 people, any of whom may also become a prospect.

You could be forgiven for wondering how you will know your message is going to reach the right person or people.  And while this may seem like a logical consideration, you’re thinking is actually back to front.  Ultimately, what you want, is for people to reach out to you to request your message or offer.  To achieve this, you need to attract these like-minded individuals or groups of individuals.  Master this skill and the six degrees of separation will work for you automatically!

You already know..

– there are people across the globe who have a need for what you have to offer

– your message can be read and understood by people, anywhere in the world

– you are likely to share the same opinions, thoughts, desires and goals with millions of people

– in order to gain trust and build a relationship you must be prepared to exchange some information about yourself

– it’s actually a small world, making it infinitely much easier than you perhaps thought to reach people

– in order to prosper, it makes more sense to attract people to you than to spend time or money chasing them

And this.. is where your thoughts come into play!

While hotel meetings and 3-way calls are certainly not dead, the advent of the Internet and social media have made child’s play of networking with like-minded individuals.  From Skype, to Google Hangouts to Facebook messenger etc, it couldn’t be easier to bring a potential client or partner into your sphere.

There are a multitude of mediums that enable you to connect and communicate.  All that’s left, is for you to know what to communicate in order to attract the people you want.  And this is where a little lateral thinking becomes necessary.

You are the prize, not your offer, not your business, but you.  Your goal is to firstly present yourself as the “thing of value”, for you to be the reason someone wants to connect.  And you can achieve this simply by expressing yourself.

Taking Facebook as one example; Many people utilize and understand it as a social network.  In actual fact, Facebook can simply be described as a blog with people’s life updates.  And, dependent on people’s interests, the likelihood is that what might seem like an insignificant rambling in the daily life of one person, may be of interest to another and so the attraction process begins.  And because each and every user has a relationship with others (typically of like mind), a network of people interested in each others life updates is formed via virtual friendships, some of which do grow to become real.

Two key phrases.. “Like attracts like” and “People buy from people” should now be focussing your mind on why what you think actually matters, but only if people know it.  Bloggers express their thought and opinions daily to attract a readership, nurture that relationship and ultimately sell products to that readership with whom they have built a level of trust, just by writing.  You don’t have to become a blogger, but you do need to find a medium to express yourself if you want people to be interested in you, your message and what you have to offer.

Therefore, it could be stated with reasonable accuracy, that monetizing your thoughts is no more complicated than..

– attracting people to you by utilizing the freedom to express yourself, specifically with regard to your chosen area of interest or niche

– fostering a relationship with these people by sharing who you are and what you believe in

– enabling the natural law of curiosity to present you with an opportunity to strike a deal

Finding business partner(s) with an already significant network of like-minded friends could generate a potential and uninterrupted flow income far beyond what you might have imagined sharing your thoughts with the world could have ever yielded.

About the author: Kevin Waldron is an affiliate marketer who enjoys writing quotes and sharing his perspective with a view to inspiring others. Feel free to connect with him on Facebook.