“You can never find happiness in your life, if you never find happiness in your thoughts.” (Louis Chan Chui, 2016)


Hey my friends!

My name is Louis Chan Chui. I’m a self-employed “Internet Entrepreneur” always striving towards success and helping others along the way. Success of course is a journey, not a destination. So always strive for the best in not only yourself, but life in general!

I’m also a happily married man and proud father of 4 lovely children. They are my ‘primary purpose’ for doing what I do… they are my ‘why’.

I’ve been an Internet Entrepreneur since early 2014. Since then, I’ve learned how to build and grow a profitable online business.

Minimal Effort, but Maximum Results!!!

The Smart Way to Create Wealth Online – Work Smart & Not Hard – Work Less & Earn More!!!

God bless,

Louis Chan Chui

*** Peace and Love Eternal

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Justin Clark has worked from home full time for over 15 years.

He has been able to generate millions of dollars in sales and commissions through his network and online marketing businesses and has worked with such well-known companies as Proactive, Jenny Craig, American Express and many more.

He has created several highly successful marketing systems over the past decade and also owns his own online lead generation company as well – so he knows a thing or two about how to get results on the Internet!

Justin is a respected trainer, ad copy specialist and has consulted with many large network marketing companies to help boost sales and conversions through their online marketing.

And particularly.. Justin is very much a people person who loves to see the “average Joe’s” win in Network Marketing. That is why he has always worked to put together plans and programs that help EVERY hard working distributor make great money!

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“Want to sharpen your focus and attain greater results? Then eliminate your emotional attachment to money!”

(Kevin Waldron, 2016)


“Change is inevitable, but YOU can influence when it occurs and whether it’s beneficial… or detrimental.”

(Kevin Waldron, 2016)


“How ironic that those who take the liberty of sharing in your success were typically not present during your struggle!”

(Kevin Waldron, 2016)


“Never become so blinded by the promise of financial success that you become oblivious to the small print!”

(Kevin Waldron, 2016)


“Education which leads to achievement, is less about academics than practicality. For it is not strictly necessary for a man to read, nor write in order to feed his family.”

(Kevin Waldron, 2016)


“There’s nothing wrong with using others’ alleged lack of ability to acquire significant benefit. Nevertheless, it should not be so blatant as to cause distress!”

(Kevin Waldron, 2016)


Making money is for government mints, earning money is for the rest of us.  How often people seemingly confuse the two!”

(Kevin Waldron, 2016)