Louis Chan Chui

By in People on February 28, 2016


Hey my friends!

My name is Louis Chan Chui. I’m a self-employed “Internet Entrepreneur” always striving towards success and helping others along the way. Success of course is a journey, not a destination. So always strive for the best in not only yourself, but life in general!

I’m also a happily married man and proud father of 4 lovely children. They are my ‘primary purpose’ for doing what I do… they are my ‘why’.

I’ve been an Internet Entrepreneur since early 2014. Since then, I’ve learned how to build and grow a profitable online business.

Minimal Effort, but Maximum Results!!!

The Smart Way to Create Wealth Online – Work Smart & Not Hard – Work Less & Earn More!!!

God bless,

Louis Chan Chui

*** Peace and Love Eternal

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kevinwaldron moderator

Louis is a lover of life and a deep thinker who shares inspiration and positivity, particularly through his off-the-cuff videos, which definitely engage people as is evident by the interaction he receives when he posts them.  

You'd have to go very far to find a more likable person!


@kevinwaldron It's a great honour and privilege to be mentioned in such light, my brother. I am truly and utterly humbled!

You are not only a great Entrepreneur yourself, but also a great friend. 

Many blessings to you brother! :)